Zarchiver for PC: Download for Windows and Mac

Download Zarchiver for PC for your Windows and macOS device by following the easy guide below.

There are different file extraction and solution app available on the web but all are basic and do not give the desired solution. If you are looking for a file archive manager and extractor for your PC, then Zarchiver is the best app for you. Zarchiver can create, archive, and extract almost all the file types that are in use. It is an application that helps you to compress decompress, and remove from almost all compressed formats. This can be rightly called an all in one tool that can create compressed zip files in every file format.

Zarchiver is the most powerful tool when it comes to decompressing or file extracting. Zarchiver supports more file systems for extraction than what is recommended for creating compressed archives. Zarchiver is a free app. You need not spend a single penny for your zip file management on your Windows PC. The additional functions of Zarchiver include supporting password-protected files. Zarchiver allows you to extract or decompress files on your android device through a password If you have archived your file and compressed it on your PC or laptop. The file can be recovered quickly this way.

Zarchiver can partially decompress your file. For instance, if you need some portions of your archived files, you can do it through Zarchiver pro.

File types in the format 001.002 are also managed and supported by Zarchiver.

Zarchiver for PC download

Downloading Zarchiver on PC and Mac

Even though Zarchiver is an app for an android device, it can be installed on your computer and laptop. An android emulator is needed for this purpose. Follow the instructions to get Zarchiver on your pc. Bluestacks emulator may be used for this.

  • The first step is to download and install the Bluestacks emulator on your computer.
  • After Zarchiver is installed successfully, the Bluestacks emulator should be started.
  • Locate Zarchiver.
  • Use your Google account in the play store and login. again, search for Zarchiver in the play store.
  • Choose the official Zarchiver app from the search results and install the same.
  • Zarchiver APK can also be downloaded and installed in Bluestacks.
  • Once you Open BlueStacks, you will be able to see Zarchiver. Click on it to use the app.

Features of Zarchiver

Zarchiver is the best app for file management

  • Zarchiver supports multithreading and is useful for multicourse processors.
  • File selection is simple. Just click the file name icon to select a file. The multi-select mode is not needed.
  • Zarchiver supports UTF-8 and UTF-16. Use a national symbol to name your data.
  • Zarchiver can be installed and downloaded on any type of Android device.
  • Ensure the safety and protection of your privacy by setting a password for files and folders. Zarchiver supports all encryption methods such as AES-256, etc.
  • There are various options available such as copy, cut, share, and delete.
  • Compression options such as fast, fastest, medium, and ultra are available.
  • There are options available for encryption.
  • Zarchiver is an excellent file manager and can be of great assistance to you.
  • Files can be compressed and compressed. You can handle your file with ease and automatically switch from one folder to another.
  • Zarchiver keeps your data safe with no issues of misplacing your file. Your data remains safe and secure.
  • Your file can be archived in parts and different formats.
  • Root your device if you want to get complete benefit from Zarchiver as some features of Zarchiver need root access.
  • Unlimited archives can be created.


  • How can I use Zarchiver?

Zarchiver can be used as your file manager; it allows you to edit, compress, and share files in any format. Different options can be seen on opening the app.

  • What is Zarchiver?

Zarchiver is an android app that allows extracting and compressing files of all formats. Password-protected files can also be compressed and extracted. Files from the archive can be removed.

  • Is Zarchiver available for PC?

Zarchiver can be installed on a PC using an Android emulator like Bluestacks.

  • Is Zarchiver a paidapp?

No, you can download and install Zarchiver for free.

Conclusion: Zarchiver for PC Download

Zarchiver is the best app when it comes to File Management. Compared to other apps available on the Play Store, Zarchiver is a multi-purpose app. The basic characteristics are compressing, formatting, and archiving. Zarchiver is much more efficient and faster.

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