Turbo VPN for PC: Download and Install on Windows 7/8.1/10

Turbo VPN for PC is a proxy server for your Windows device to connect the websites, play games, stream videos from other countries or the ones that are banned in your region. This hub server is also used when you want to be anonymous while performing any of the transactions. This application provides several lists of proxy servers that have unlimited and high bandwidth. These proxy servers are very easy and simple to be connected.

Through this application, the user can have a stable connection on cloud proxy free of cost. For the access of restricted websites and other items, a firewall can be easily bypassed. With the use of Turbo VPN, the data is encrypted end to end and surfing is secure as well as anonymous

File Information

The detailed information of the Turbo VPN file is as follows:

App Name Turbo VPN
App Version 3.4.0
APK size 12.06 KiB
Last Updated 16th November 2020
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2010, BeOS, Android, Windows 10
Developer Genericom
Price Free
Languages English, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Danish, Russian, Swedish, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, French, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Hindi, Dutch, Japanese, Greek, Vietnamese

How to download Turbo VPN on PC

turbo vpn for pc


Turbo VPN is available for both Android and iOS devices, which you can get from here.

How to Install Turbo VPN on your PC

Installing Turbo VPN latest version has the following simple steps:

  • A Turbo VPN .exe file gets downloaded on your PC
  • Open the .exe file by double-clicking on the downloaded file
  • A dialog box appears with a set of instructions to be followed for installation
  • Follow all the step by step instructions for installation of the Turbo VPN application
  • In the end, agree to the terms and conditions for the software installation and running of the same
  • The software gets installed and is saved in the respective drive. This application is now ready for use

How to connect to the VPN through the Turbo VPN application

Once the Turbo VPN app is successfully installed you can connect to any of the websites through the list of VPN available and enjoy worldwide entertainment, news, movies, or simply access any of the websites of any corner of the world. To connect to the VPN through the Turbo VPN application the user has to follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • Click on the successfully installed file
  • Open the application by double-clicking on the icon
  • The first-time access to the app will ask for general information like language preferred etc. Fill in the required data
  • Select the location where the user wants to get connected through the VPN
  • Then click on the Connect icon
  • The user is connected to its preferred network and can access all they want to, anonymously and with high security

Features of Turbo VPN for PC

This application keeps the user identity and other critical information hidden. Also, it provides the user access to the content which may be banned or blocked due to regional or geographical restrictions. This is possible due to connecting to servers that are located around the globe and change the IP address of the users

The key features of the Turbo VPN are as follows:

  • Streaming Video

Through turbo VPN watching videos and movies, playing games, or accessing any website is possible anywhere anytime around the globe. The user internet works even when they are traveling

  • Unblocking Websites

Many of the websites have restricted access. They are banned or blocked owing to geographical and regional regulations. Such kind of websites can also be accessed with the assistance of Turbo VPN. There is nothing that cannot be surfed when you are using this application

  • Anonymous browsing

The online activities of the users are meticulously concealed with the help of Turbo VPN. The users can search the web safely and also remain anonymous. This is possible by redirecting the internet activities through private tunnels or virtual network server that is private

  • Secure WiFi Connection

Even while the user is working in the public domain, yet internet surfing can be kept secure

  • Blazing Speed

The internet speed before and after connecting to the VPN remains at the same level. It takes a few minutes to acquire the connection with turbo VPN. Slow downloads and loading screens are histories with this application

  • Military Grade Encryption

When the turbo VPN private tunnels are used for connectivity there is the least possibility of getting hacked. The 256-bit encryption is implemented to ensure military level security and there is an assured guarantee that not a single bit of data is unsecured

  • Zero Log Policy

The past web activity cannot be accessed by anyone as turbo VPN does not store a single log of the website surfing. Even if the Government insist on the list or log of the users’ activities on the web, the same cannot be retrieved as it is never saved and there is no history available

Conclusion: Download and Install Turbo VPN for PC

Turbo VPN is believed to be the only VPN application that has crossed 100 million downloads on the Google Play store and it has also passed on 2.8 million ratings around the globe. The application provides more than 50 locations and more than 10000 servers that are highly secured and safe to be browsed through. This application is compatible with almost all operating systems and devices including macOS, Windows, iOS, Android. The developers are also planning to launch the same for Amazon Fire Tv and chrome

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