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NEW Tutorial to install Mango on any Windows Phone

If you guys read the previous post, then you’ll know we have one method of installing Mango; and that is if you have an unlocked device. Fortunately, the folks at WindowsPhoneHacker have figured out a way to get the Mango update on any Windows Phone without having a developer unlocked device. Be warned though, as doing this will void your warranty. The tool also offers a way to backup your phone, and I highly recommend doing […]


How to tether on your new Windows Phone 7! (For Samsung phones only)

Click here for the MAC Version of this guide. If all this news about lack of tethering on your shiny new Windows Phone 7 made you sad – this post might make you really happy! Unfortunately, tethering is severely limited to only *one* Windows Phone 7 device right now – the Samsung Focus! So if you really wanted tethering, and somehow made the right choice and picked up a Samsung Focus – you’re in luck. […]