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The Samsung Focus Super AMOLED Screen: Yea, it scratches.

And, there you have it – my beautiful Super AMOLED screen, with a tiny little scratch on it. Nothing to cry home about, but definitely noticeable to the trained eye. To be honest, it’s not a really big deal – and it’s not like I didn’t entirely expect it to happen – but it’s still a sad day when it does. Anyway – I had the phone in my jacket pocket, and accidently put my […]


The “Super AMOLED” Screen

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts – I really, really dig the Super AMOLED screen on the Samsung Focus. It’s really just one of those features (like the buttery smooth responsiveness) that you have to see in person to really believe. But that most definitely didn’t stop me from trying to throw together a video anyway! I did a quick comparison of the screen on the Samsung Focus to those on the […]