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And so it begins! Nokia & Microsoft Windows Phone 7 team up to fight the big boys!

The interwebs are going crazy right now – and for good reason! Nokia and Microsoft have just announced that they will be forming a strategic alliance which will result in Nokia incorporating Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 operation system in all new Nokia high-end devices. People keep asking me why this is such a big deal… so I’ll explain. Apple’s iPhone is quite clearly the undisputed king of the new smartphone era. Google’s Android devices […]


so umm, like, what’s a windows phone anyway?

Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock (which, sadly, happens to be the case for 95% of the population), you *might* have heard about a super cool new mobile operating system called Windows Phone 7! Wait, what? Hasn’t Microsoft been in the mobile game for ages with that clunky old mammoth of an operating system called Windows Mobile? Why yes indeed, sir! Except… well, Microsoft felt the same way about Windows Mobile as you […]