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Quick Tip: View the iPhone/Android optimized Gmail mobile site on your Windows Phone 7!!

Gmail iPhone/Android Optimized Mobile Site

FINALLY! Man, this was a big one for me and many others I know that rely on Gmail’s mobile website to quickly check or search for super old emails and perform Gmail-specific functions such as “Mark as Unread”, “Star”, “Report Spam”, and so on. NOTE: I’m using a WP7 device running Mango and with the latest IE9 mobile – so I don’t know if this will work for those without Mango. If anyone can try […]


And so it begins! Nokia & Microsoft Windows Phone 7 team up to fight the big boys!

The interwebs are going crazy right now – and for good reason! Nokia and Microsoft have just announced that they will be forming a strategic alliance which will result in Nokia incorporating Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 operation system in all new Nokia high-end devices. People keep asking me why this is such a big deal… so I’ll explain. Apple’s iPhone is quite clearly the undisputed king of the new smartphone era. Google’s Android devices […]