Plus Messenger for PC: Download for Windows and Mac

Plus Messenger for PC uses Telegram API and is believed to be the fastest messaging app. It has high customization options available and is said to be an efficient messaging app that is free to use and available to all users. The app has an inbound number of features and a variety of settings that makes it popular. The app is secure, free, and also has tones of themes to choose from.

The customization available for this app include:

  • The users can modify, change the colors and size of objects such as headers, avatars, icons, text, etc as per their will.
  • There is an option for creating your customizable theme which can be saved and shared easily. Also, themes shared by other friends can be saved and used.
  • The users can hide their phone numbers through the settings and options menu for security purposes.
  • Many more such customizations are available such as using phone emoji, custom compression, phone font, etc.

plus messenger for windows and mac

Download Plus Messenger for PC

With a third party emulator, downloading is very simple and easy. The app provides the same features on PC as well as Mac after downloading the same. For downloading Plus Messenger the user needs an android emulator or any other emulator to make communication on Mac and PC

Downloading Plus Messenger for Windows

Following steps are used to download plus messenger for PC:

  • Download Bluestacks

Download Bluestacks android emulator that is easy and simple to use. However, any other android emulator can be used. Follow the installation methods as provided step by step.

  • Login through Bluestacks

After the Bluestacks is downloaded properly, it will prompt for login. To log in the user will have to add the Gmail account and password and run PlayStore through Bluestacks.

  • Search on Play store

Open the play store on the main screen of the Bluestacks and search for Plus Messenger. Select plus messenger and install the same.

  • Open Plus messenger

After the successful download locates the app from Bluestacks. Double click on the app and launch the same. Now it is all set to use the Plus Messenger on PC.

Downloading Plus Messenger for MAC

Some steps need to be followed for downloading the app for MAC:

  • Download Nox App player

Download the MAC version of Nox player from the official website and install the same.

  • Login with Nox

After the download adds the Gmail account and password and agrees to the terms and conditions. Now you can run the play store on the Nox App.

  • Download Plus Messenger APK from the link provided
  • Upload the APK on Nox

Locate the downloaded APK file of Plus messenger and upload the same on Nox.

  • Open plus messenger on MAC

Once the plus messenger is uploaded on Nox, it can be opened and used directly from the Nox main screen.

Features of Plus Messenger

The tag line for this app says that the messages are delivered in a way that they are never seen before. This is what makes this app popular. The innumerable features that adorn the app make it one of its kind.

The highlighted features of the app that makes it popular and reliable are as follows:

  • Fast

This app is believed to be the fastest messaging app in the available apps worldwide on the internet and market. The reason for this fast service is the app uses an infrastructure that is distributed all over the world. And the nearest possible server is used to connect the users.

  • Appearance

There are a lot of material design colors and styles available to make the appearance of this app attractive and fascinating. The interface is redesigned for the same.

  • Privacy

A unique feature called secret chat is offered by the Plus manager. Under this feature when enabled the chats to get self-destructed on all the devices which are in use. All the secret messages of such chats are automatically deleted.

  • Secure

This app states and assures to provide the best possible security to its users among all the messenger apps of this kind.

  • Reliable

This app is popular for being the most reliable messaging client that is developed so far. It delivers the messages of the users with the least amount of bytes.

  • Free

Plus Messenger is free to download and use for all users. The developers do not also sell advertisements, or charge any kind of subscriptions. There are also no hidden costs included.


  • Can the user change the download location in Plus Messenger?

It is possible to change the download location in plus messenger by simply finding the downloaded file and changing them to some other storage location.

  • Is it safe to use the Plus Messenger App?

Developers of Plus messenger assures the highest security and privacy possible to the users.

  • Is plus messenger is better than Telegram?

Plus messenger uses the API of telegram. Therefore telegram is always preferred over plus messenger.

Conclusion: Plus Messenger for PC Download

Plus messenger is the most flexible app with faster speed, categories, tabs, extensive customizations, themes, multi-accounts, etc. Thus it is recommended to use this app over other Tele apps for its simple and easy features.

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