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Everyone loves to watch videos on their handsets as well as big screens. The problem emerges when you are not able to find a perfect media player that fulfills your requirements and doesn’t provide a smooth experience. However, we are here with a solution, which is arguably the best media player in the world, MX Player. For Android users, it is a blessing as it is ranked on the top by them as well as the developers. Moreover, there is a pro version of the app which offers way more advanced features and an out of the world experience for the users.

This post covers various aspects of MX Player Pro alongside different features, requirements, download links, and frequently asked questions. Read every bit of it and then you would not find any difficulty in downloading and installing MX player pro APK on your Android phone after reading this post.

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Download MX Player PRO

To get the premium version of the app, that is, MX player pro, you need to spend a few bucks. Get this app from Play Store and follow the detailed step by step procedure is given to download and install it on your Android phone.


There are different requirements for the app for the procedure of installing and downloading it on your smartphone.

• Android 2.1 or above can work for this purpose. Every Android phone is compatible with MX Player.

• GPUs from the last few years will work to tackle the minimal graphic requirements.

• 1.5 GB of RAM is sufficient to make it run smoothly.

• 20 MB of free space in the internal storage is mandatory.

• Stable internet connection so that there is no interruption in the process.

• Sufficient battery. We recommend at least a 50{d469f710622a2e3f66a8052f6335cac9f773b39f869405504f1593d8991edcd7} charge to fully complete the process.

Features of MX Player PRO

Why MX Player is the best media player in the world? It is all because of its features. There are numerous features that help MX Player Pro to stay at the top of the list of video players on the Internet. Without any further ado, let’s read about the features of MX Player. Pro.

  1. • Different video types can be played on MX Player Pro by default including .3gp .avi .divx, .f4v .flv .mkv .mp4 .mpeg .mov .vob .wmv .webm and many more.
  2. • Advanced Hardware Accelerated Decoding facility provided with the assistance of HW+ Decoder.
  3. • Use your fingers by moving them up or down to change the playback speed of the video playing on MX Player pro.
  4. • Change the audio track dynamically by switching it on your own.
  5. • MX Player pro download enables different decoding modes including HW, HW+, and SW decoder.
  6. • It is always asked to use HW or HW+ advanced hardware-accelerated decoders for a smooth experience.
  7. • Click on SW or HW decoder button to change decoding mode with a video running on the screen. It is quite easy to do so without interrupting the video.
  8. • A-B Repeat is offered by the MX Player Pro version. Another control option over playback such as moving video backward or forward.
  9. • It also offers various adjustments for the aspect ratio of your screen.
  10. • Deinterlacing is available only on SW decoder.
  11. • Multiple keyboard shortcuts to make it easy for the users. DPAD Left & Right to move backward and forward respectively. The space button can be used to pause or resume the video. Many other menu shortcuts included in the MX Player pro APK.
  12. • You can get a glimpse in the form of a preview while seeking the video forward or backward.
  13. • To prevent any kind of unwanted video play while using the web browser, it is advisable to disable HTTP/HTTPS video link handling.
  14. • MX Player pro mod APK offers an easy to use interface with the folder list displaying the folders which contain video files. No other folder is displayed on the list.
  15. • If the subtitle file (of any type) is placed in the same folder as the video file, it will automatically get attached to the video once the video is played.
  16. • Recently opened and played video folders appear in a different color than other folders.
  17. • You can search for the video with the help of a search box on the top of the home page of the application.
  18. • Different themes are available in the app. You can select any theme from the given themes and apply them to the MX Player pro.
  19. • Supports different types of subtitle files including .txt .vtt .pjs .sub .idx .srt .asa and many more.

How to install and use

There are different steps involved in the process. Here is a proper guide to this process. Follow every step carefully as is mentioned below.

Step #1. First of all, open your web browser, we would suggest you use Google Chrome and type MX Player Pro APK.

Step #2. Open the link and download the latest version of the app. Make sure you have the up to date version downloaded. we

Step #3. In case you have downloaded it on the Windows PC, then transfer it to your Android phone with the help of USB or Bluetooth. However, you can use any different transfer methods for such purposes.

Step #4. By default, Android phones don’t allow the user to install an APK file from unknown resources. So, the next step is to enable unknown sources. Go to security > personal > Unknown Sources. Click on it and enable it.

Step #5. Now your device is compatible with unknown sources. Go to the file manager and open the folder where the file is kept. Open the APK file.

Step #6. It will take a few seconds (or minutes in some cases, depending upon your phone) to install the application on your phone.

That’s it, now you are ready to use the pro version of MX player on your phone.


• How to set MX Player pro as my default video player?

Go to your file browser and play a random video. When you play it, a pop up will appear asking for the video player selection. Click on MX Player and “use by default for this action.”

• Is there any difference between MX Player APK and MX Player Pro APK?

Yes, there is a difference between the two. As there are some features that are made available to only MX player pro users.

• From where can I get the latest version of the app?

You can use our website for the purpose of MX player pro download for free.

• How do I know which codec should be used on my Android phone?

There are different codecs depending upon the smartphone you are using. You can check about your MX Player by visiting the path: Settings > Decoder > General.

• I have downloaded the codec package but how do I use it?

MX Player Pro mod APK will automatically run the codec pack once it detects it on your Android phone.

• How much space is required for installing MX Player pro APK on my phone?

As of now, there is a need to free up space of 20 MB of internal storage.

• Can I install an app on a memory card?

No. It is installed only on the internal storage and there is no way to install it on your external storage.

• There are a lot of advertisements. How can I get rid of these?

The only way to remove the advertisements is to switch to the MX Player Pro version. You can get the MX player pro APK cracked version from our site for free.

• How to use kids’ lock feature on MX Player?

It is easy to use Kids lock feature. Just visit this path: Playback screen > Menu > Display > Settings > Control > Lock mode > Kids lock.

• My Mx player is not showing some files. How do I display them?

MX Player doesn’t list any file which is not placed in the SD card. So, the only solution to this problem is to copy and paste the files into the SD card.

• Some files are appearing twice in the list of MX Player Pro. How do I resolve this issue?

You can easily fix this issue by excluding ‘/mnt/media_rw’ on Settings > List > Folders.

• A message appears saying “signature mismatch” while installing MX Player pro. How to fix the problem of signature mismatch?

It usually happens when there are some cracked apps on your phone. Try removing these apps and then again install the MX player pro mod APK file on your smartphone.

Conclusion: MX Player PRO Download

That’s all. We have given a clear picture of MX Player Pro APK with detailed information regarding everything related to it. However, if there are any doubts or queries regarding this, feel free to comment in the section given below. We will be happy to help you out and resolve any kind of issue.

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