Limbo APK + OBB Data Download Latest v1.20 (Official App 2023)

Download Limbo APK Latest Version for Android!

Are you a fan of adventurous games? Limbo is one of the games meant for you in this genre. While Limbo was originally made for PC, it has developed into a popular game for Android phones as well. You can easily get around and download Limbo APK on your device. If we talk about the game, it features a young boy as the main character whose name is Limbo. The character is suffering from a mental disorder and you have to find his imaginary sister in the game. Does the job seem very simple? It’s far from being simple as there are various hurdles in your way as you go on playing this game. 

It is a puzzle game which will entertain you to all bits. The game has been developed by Playdead Game Studio and if you don’t know already, they are one of the most popular game developers around. The mixture of adventure with puzzle genres makes this game unique and demanded by gamers. You wouldn’t be provided with any instructions while playing this game. You will jump into action and adventure straight up. You will be required to play Limbo and help him fight light in a world that’s full of dark. So the simple task is to help Limbo go on and get rid of all hurdles coming your way. You will have to jump, drag, swing the rope, and do many such activities to climb levels. It will help Limbo get closer and closer to his main objective. 

When you have got a modded version available, things become even better. You will offer several benefits that you normally wouldn’t be getting on the original version of Limbo APK. You can get unlimited coins and features that will make it easier to reach your target. 

Download Limbo APK Latest Version

Download Limbo APK



Features Of Limbo APK 

When you download Limbo APK to your device, you’re bound to get gameplay that’s extremely smooth and slick. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest features provided with the help of Limbo APK: 

  • Impressive Design 

While it might be a puzzle game, the developers have taken good care of the graphics. You can go through the interior design of this game and the least we can tell about it is that the design is really impressive. As far as adventure games are concerned, this one sits on the top of the pile as far as visuals are concerned. When you start playing the game for the first time, it is difficult to get used to the gameplay straightaway. The design of the game is going to be the biggest reason initially to get hooked to it. 

  • Dark Gameplay 

Limbo has got dark gameplay. If you’re scared of darkness, you should start playing this game for once. You can get rid of the fear of darkness if you face it. Limbo allows you to come face to face with it at many levels in the game. It might be difficult to cope with it initially but it’s only a matter of time before you achieve normalcy with the gameplay. As you go on and on, you become more and more comfortable with the darkness and the fear will be gone for good. 

  • Time Killer 

As we have already discussed, it is an adventurous game. Suppose you’re outside and you’re getting bored. You can just switch to your Android device and download Limbo APK to it. The game doesn’t give you a chance of getting bored. As soon as you enter the game, its visuals are going to impress you straightaway. You will also have a great time going through the puzzles. The missions and levels start becoming more intense as you move on in the game. So even if you’re outside for hours, it wouldn’t be a problem. Downloading Limbo APK will have you enjoying yourself as it’s a seriously amazing time killer. 

  • Highest Rated 2D Scrolling Game 

You can go through the reviews of Limbo and you will find out that it is one of the highest-rated 2D scrolling games available on the Play Store. It tells you that most of the people who play this game thoroughly enjoy the game. It has been quite some time since the game was released for the first time. It was initially meant for PC and it has only been a few years since it has been made available for Android devices as well. Its excess popularity led the developers to develop the game for Android OS.  

  • Mind Teaser 

If you want to check on your intelligence, you would generally consider a puzzle game. It is always a good choice to make as puzzle games allow you to bend your mind in many ways. Now suppose you get a puzzle game that’s adventurous at the same point in time and has got amazing graphics? Limbo APK is one such game as it allows you to bend your mind while setting you on an adventure. As you unlock one level, more twists and turns are coming your way in the next. The excitement goes a level up every time and the game proves to be a fantastic mind teaser. 

  • No Need To Start From Beginning 

There’s no need to start from the beginning if you have fallen. It’s always irritating to go through various hurdles in a game and the loss would mean that you need to start from the very start all over again. When you download Limbo APK to your Android device, you won’t suffer from the same fate. You can start from the exact situation where you fell. It makes the job relatively easier and you can focus on your main goal of helping Limbo reach out to his sister. 

Download Limbo APK Full Version for Android

Requirements To Play Limbo APK 

There are no special requirements to play Limbo APK on your device. It can be played on most Android devices. Some of the things that you need to make sure of are as follows: 

  • You need to be using an Android phone for sure. The operating system to be used must be 4.4 or higher, something very common in devices of the current technological age. 
  • You will of course be required to download the latest version of Limbo APK. Using an older version might not work anymore so you have to make sure of it. 
  • Lastly, you need to have RAM of at least 1 GB. If you’re using a device with a RAM of 524 MB, you have to upgrade your device to use Limbo smoothly. 

As you can see, these are very common requirements. So playing Limbo APK is possible on most Android devices. All you have to do is find the latest version of the game and enjoy it to the fullest. 

How to Install Limbo APK + OBB Data on your Android Device?

  • Click on the download link. We have provided you with the latest version of the game so that you don’t have to face any trouble later on. 
  • The download process is going to take some time before being completed. Once the download has been done, you have to tap on the file. 
  • The next thing to do is to click on the install button. The installation process is going to begin straight away. 
  • When the installation has been completed, a big “✓” sign will drop on your screen. You will see two options at the right bottom. You can click on “done” if you’re not intending to use the application at that very moment. In case you would like to play it right away, you should click on “open” and start making the most out of it. 


Q1: Can I download this game from Play Store? 

Yes, you can download Limbo APK quite comfortably through the Play Store. All it requires from you is to search for the file and it will be available on your search results. The game is not massive but it has got a significant size. So you will have to wait a couple of minutes before the download is completed on your device. 

Q2: Is there any way that I can download the modded Verizon of Limbo APK? 

Yes, there is a great way to download the modded version of this game to your device. As long as you’re choosing a trusted source, you should go on and make the application available on your device. 

Q3: Why should one be playing Limbo APK? 

If you want to check on your intelligence, Limbo APK will prove to be helpful as it’s a puzzle game. It proves to be a major time killer whenever you’re getting bored. On top of it, the game has got some serious adventures coming your way. With amazing visuals, you’re bound to fall in love with this game. 

Conclusion: Download Limbo APK Full Version for Android

If you want to play a puzzle game with a little adventure added to it, Limbo APK is going to work wonders for you. It is incredibly engaging and can be used on most Android devices. The application is completely safe to use so you can always rely on it whenever you would like to test your intelligence or pass your time! 

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