JioSwitch for PC Download for Windows 7/8/10/11

Download JioSwitch for PC free!

The world is moving towards Digitalization. Everything is going to be done online. You don’t need to move from place to place to get your work done. The work will be completed faster and also avoids spending your precious time and energy.  That’s the beauty of the digital world. If we wish to do everything through the internet, file sharing becomes an important task. 

File transfer may be sharing of notes for students, office files, media files and many more. There are many forms of file formats that need to be transferred. The sharing or transfer of files should be done without too much delay and securely as sometimes the files may be confidential. To do all these tasks, there are many apps available. All do their work differently. Some may be reliable but take a lot of time or it can’t share all  types of files or files of variable sizes or that may force the files to be compressed or it may need wifi to perform its task. Here you will be introduced with an app that overcomes all the above mentioned issues.

JioSwitch is an easy to use, reliable data transfer application of size 6.51MB. It is developed by Reliance Industries Ltd and published on Google Play Store. It has 5M+ users so far and has a very good rating of 4.5 to 5 in Play Store.

It supports a wide range of file types to be transferred from one device to another and allows the user to transfer files of any size. It also transfers the data easily between different devices like Windows and IOS. Overall it helps you to transfer any kind of files without worrying about the size or about  the receiver platform. You can transfer the data without having to worry about the internet as well. 

JioSwitch for PC Download for Windows

Download JioSwitch for PC

One thing to be noted before going to download the JioSwitch App is that you cannot download it directly on your Windows or MAC PC. You need special software called Emulators to download it.  Emulators allow you to run Android Apps by emulating android OS. There are many emulators available on the internet for free. But they might take up a lot of your resources to emulate the OS. You must check well about the minimum requirements of the emulator and the available system resources before you download the emulator. Once the emulator is downloaded and installed, you can then download the JioSwitch app. Follow the below steps to download the JioSwitch app.

How to install JioSwitch for PC

  1. Download the latest version of the android emulator from its official website. 
  2. Install the android emulator by signing into your Gmail account to get your Play Store installed.
  3. Open the Play Store and search for the JioSwitch app from the search bar.
  4. Select the latest version and Click on Install Button.
  5. JioSwitch is now ready to use through the Android emulator.

If you don’t want to log in from your Gmail, then you can use the APK file. Just download the JioSwitch APK. Drag and drop this APK file into the emulator that was previously downloaded and install it there. 

Features of JioSwitch:

The most salient features of the JioSwitch app that drags you towards it are listed below. Go through these to learn more about it.

  • Cross-Platform:

JioSwitch allows file transfer between the devices of different platforms. For instance, you can send the data from Windows to IOS or vice versa. There are no compatibility issues. 

  • Wireless:

JioSwitch works on wireless connection. You just need to select the individual files and send it.  

  • No limitation on size:

It allows the user to send the files of any size. It doesn’t put restrictions on the size of the files. There is no headache of compression or zipping before sending the files.

  • All types of files are permitted:

It allows the user to send the files easily without having to worry about the type of the file. It allows all types of files to transfer like Data files, PDF, Audio files, Video files, Pictures and many more. 

  • Super Fast:

It shares the files in a blink of an eye. It is the fastest file sharing app that has the file transfer speed that is 100 times more than that of Bluetooth. 

  • Works without Internet:

It doesn’t need the internet or the mobile data (if you are using a smartphone) to transfer the data. Thus, it saves your pocket by saving your data or internet which would have been consumed during the file transfer if you do it without the JioSwitch app. Hence, it is proven to be a  pocket friendly app.

  • Safe to use:

It is safe to use this App to share your files across. It doesn’t use any harmful malwares that may corrupt your data. Hence it is a secured app through which you can transfer the confidential files as well. You don’t need to worry about the information loss or data tampering from your files during the transfer.

  • No Cost No Ads:

This app is providing so many amazing features all free of cost. You don’t need to pay anything to get these benefits. Just download the app and start using it to get an amazing experience from it. It works without being interrupted by the Ads in between.

Conclusion: Download JioSwitch for PC Free

Sharing of files is a most repeated and much needed task done while doing any online activity. The files are shared for different purposes like entertainment purposes, educational purposes or any other official purposes. There will be different types of files that are to be transferred safely and securely. JioSwitch app helps you get your work done easily and efficiently by keeping your files safe.

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