GB Instagram APK Download Latest Version (Official App 2022)

Download GB Instagram Latest Version App for Android, iOS, and PC!

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms for sharing photos, videos, and stories. Instagram is used by everyone to share stories that are currently trending on social media. However, one of the most aggravating aspects of Instagram is that no one can download the images, stories, or videos that you have uploaded. This is where GB Instagram comes to your rescue.GB Instagram, allows you to download any image or video from Instagram without having to install any third-party software. In the end, GB Instagram allows you to do some specific things on Instagram that aren’t possible on the official Instagram app.

GB Instagram – what is it?

GB Instagram is a popular mod version of the official Instagram app. GB Instagram is a fantastic and well-rated Instagram mod app. GB Instagram offers a lot more intriguing features, like the ability to download media files, preview photographs, copy media file links, apply custom colors and themes, and much more. In GB Instagram, many new features are still being added. The popularity of GB Instagram as a useful software is growing by the day. Because the contributors contributed numerous interesting innovations and improvements that quickly became well-known, as well as regularly improving their existing capabilities. The GBinsta app is trusted by millions of individuals who use it on a daily basis.

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Amazing Features of GB Instagram

GB Instagram is a backup program that you may install without removing the official Instagram app.  Let’s take a look at some of GB Instagram’s unique features.

  • GB Anti-Ban Version: Instagram is an anti-ban version that is entirely immune to being limited or blocked. The APK file is only 48 MB in size, so it won’t take up much space on your phone. You can utilize your account without fear of being banned because Instagram officials would never do so.
  • Additional software: GB Instagram, unlike other third-party apps, does not require you to root your phone, and it can be used as a secondary app without rooting.
  • Options for zooming: Zooming media photos or user profile photographs are not available in the initial version of Instagram. GB Instagram, on the other hand, has incorporated this feature, allowing you to effortlessly zoom in on images or user profile pictures for a better perspective.
  • Translator software: GB Instagram lets you browse content in your own language. The “See translation” option underneath the native language posts displays the meaning in Plain English. This will prevent you from missing important information due to a language barrier.
  1. Making a note of the message: GB Instagram has added the ability to mark messages so that you don’t lose track of them. You may easily mark your messages for later viewing.
  2. You can have two Instagram profiles: GB Instagram, unlike the original version, allows you to utilize both a personal and a professional business account in the same app. This feature was not included in the original software, which only allowed one account to be used at a time. However, with GB Instagram, you may now have two profiles.
  3. Customization: GB Instagram has a lot of customization possibilities, such as picking themes, altering fonts, and so on. In terms of the user interface, you have complete control over this software.
  4. Hide the status “Active Now”: With GB Instagram, you can easily hide your activity status. With GB Instagram, you can easily hide your activity status. You may effortlessly browse your Instagram feed without anyone noticing that you’re online. This software satisfies all of your introvert requirements. As a private user, you can use Instagram.
  5. Words and captions could be copied: Sometimes you appreciate the words or caption under someone’s post and wish you could copy it, but you can’t because the app doesn’t have such a feature. But it’s simple to accomplish with GB Instagram.
  6. Sometimes we are unable to find our favorite media files on Instagram. Due to the lack of extended access to save our favorite media files on our devices. It’s for this reason that the GB Insta has multimedia downloading built-in. The Gb version makes it easy to store multimedia files, such as short clips, images, on our Android storage. Further, no third-party apps need to be injected.

Download GB Instagram APK for Android & iOS 

GB Instagram Pro Features

The following are some of the additional features that distinguish GB Instagram from the original Instagram app.

  1. Any image or video can be downloaded in full resolution.
  2. You can conceal the fact that you witnessed someone’s story.
  3. Any communication can be marked as a starred message.
  4. You can translate Comments into any language you like.
  5. You have the ability to copy comments. 
  6. On the same Instagram app, you can utilize two Instagram accounts.
  7. You can change the conversation theme as well as a variety of other options. There is an option of  taking screenshots
  8. See who is following you and who has read your stories.
  9. Posts and Stories can be saved to a Gallery.
  10. Directly republish from the feed Images and videos can be copied and shared. Links
  11. Automatically Combine audio and video.
  12. Asturian images and videos can be uploaded.
  13. In the app, disable the left and right drag.
  14. Instagram photos, stories, and videos can be downloaded, and comments can be copied.
App Name GB Instagram APK
Version 3.80
Size 39MB
Total Downloads 165,000+ (monthly)
Requirement Android 4.1 and higher

GB Instagram APK Download Latest Version


Download GB Instagram


Installing GB Instagram for Android

Now that you’ve read enough features, you’re ready to download the software, but you’re not sure how. Well, these installation instructions will undoubtedly assist you in completing the process. The current version of GB Instagram is not accessible on the Google Play store, but you may get it from any reliable third-party website. You may get the app by clicking the link on the third-party website and then following the installation instructions. 

To install GB Instagram on your Android phone, follow the steps below.

  • On your Android phone, get the GB Instagram APK download from any reputable third-party website.
  • By going to your device’s settings, you can enable installation from unknown sources.
  • Before you install the app, find the APK file on your device. Now that your GB Instagram is ready to use, simply touch the install button and wait a few seconds for the procedure to complete.
  • Create a new account or connect to your current Instagram account after installing the app. Now that the installation is complete, you may use GB Instagram’s awesome features.
  • You now know how to download and install GB Instagram on your Android device. GB Instagram is a well-known Instagram mod that adds a slew of new features to the standard Instagram program. You don’t have to worry about your safety or security.

Installing GB Instagram for iOS

The fact that GB Instagram is not available for iOS is a major hurdle for iOS users, but the good news is that you can still enjoy GB Instagram on your iOS device by following a few simple steps. Make sure, however, that you uninstall the official Instagram app first to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

  • To begin, go to the TweakBox website.
  • Only Safari should be used to view the webpage. Click “Install” when finished.
  • The profile will be saved to your computer. If you wish to download it, you must now provide permission.
  • After you’ve completed the above steps, go to Settings>>General>>Profiles on your iPhone.
  • Install the TweakBox profile by clicking on it.
  • When you’re finished, go to your home screen and open TweakBox.
  • Then select app>tweaked apps from the drop-down menu.
  • Instagram Rocket which is similar to GB Instagram is an app that you may download 
  • The program will be downloaded for you if you click the install button.

Once the installation is complete, you may use your iPhone to experience the endless pleasure and thrill of GB Instagram.

Installing GB Instagram for PC

.To install GB Instagram on your PC, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Download and install an Android emulator on your Windows PC. There are several emulators accessible online, but Bluestacks is better than the rest.
  2. Go to Bluestacks’ official website and click “Download Bluestacks” in the upper right corner of the screen to get it.
  3. After double-clicking the .exe file, click the Next button to complete the installation on Windows. Wait for the installation to finish message to come after a few minutes.
  4. Once Bluestacks is installed, go to the “Install GB Instagram APK” option on the Bluestacks interface and download the GB Instagram APK from the link It’s as simple as that. It will take only a few minutes to install on your device. Now open the app and double-check your email address.

You may now use the features of GB Instagram on both your PC and your smartphone.

Conclusion: Download GB Instagram APK for Android & iOS

After entering the Gb Instagram app, which is a modified version of the original Instagram app, the user has access to a plethora of features, settings, and buttons, with the majority of them being active when compared to other variations. You may now download it to your phone or computer and use all of the features of GB Instagram.

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