Download Freedom APK for Android, PC (Latest)

The in-Game currency is something that has plagued the gaming industry ever since it’s first coming out and became a thing. Soon developers all around the world started to adopt this style of let’s say extracting more money from their loyal customers even after asking them to pay for the initial game. Many developers even go to the extent of asking players to cough up money to even simply level up in the game (ahem EA Games ahem).

But we’re not talking about them today. We’re looking at mobile gaming and world-famous games like Clash Royale or Subway surfers wherein you require in-game currency to level up whatever you need. And this now, of course, affects young and old gamers all the same.

The young gamers can’t afford to spend real money to get in-game money whereas the older ones don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on something digital.

This is where Freedom APK comes in. Freedom APK gives you the freedom to play any game without the restrictions of in-game currency want the new skin in Subway Surfers? You’ve got it.
Need to stack up against your army in Clash Royale? Done already. What it basically does is bypass the in-game payment process and makes the game believe that you actually completed the payment. When you clearly haven’t.

But that’s what Freedom APK does for you. Get you the in-game currency you need without you having to actually run through your life savings.

Freedom APK


Features of Freedom APK

No limit on the amount of in-game currency you want to unlock

Freedom APK isn’t a premium service that’s gonna limit the number of coins you jack off the game. No sir, they don’t care. Once you download and install the app you can unlock how many ever coins or in-game currency you want. Sky’s the limit. Your army has to wait no more. Neither does that shiny new car. So go ahead and get those unlocked, cause now you have the spending power too.

Gain access to premium versions of apps

Many developers provide a premium version of their apps. This gimmick usually ends up in sections of an app/ features being locked out and can only be unlocked via the “premium” version. Freedom APK gives you the power to unlock these premium versions and use the apps as though you own the whole goddamn package. Brilliant isn’t it?

Ad Blocker

Wanna hear more? Well, this app also doubles up as a genius adblocker. Remember those games which come in with annoying ads that pop up after one round of gaming. Yeah, those. We all know about them, we’ve all gone through them. Developers usually give players the option of removing ads if they pay up a small fee. But Freedom APK does this for free. So why go anywhere else?

Download Now

Now we know the worries of having to go through pages and pages of malware looking for that one good website which you can trust for all your downloads without having to worry about viruses. Well, worry not cause we’ve got a safe download linksafe download link right here for you. Just hit download and your job will be done.

How to install Freedom APK on Android

All you need to do with Freedom APK is to first make sure that you have the permission to install apps from unknown sources.

To do this head to setting and search for “unknown sources” and turn the respective switch on.

After this, you can

  • First, download the app of our website and wait for it to download
  • Once downloaded you need to locate this file in your file manager, it’ll usually be located inside the downloads folder
  • Tap the APK and hit install

How to install Freedom APK for PC

For installing Freedom APK on your Windows PC you have to download Droid4x, Bluestacks, or Nox emulator. Then you can download the Freedom APK from above and install it in on the Android emulator. This way you’ll get Freedom APK for PC.

How to install Freedom APK on iOS

This application currently only works on Android devices, and no announcements made about iOS yet. But we will keep you updated about that on our website here, so be sure to come back and check soon.


Freedom APK literally gives you the freedom to play every game the way you want. Without the binds of in-game currency. It is a perfect app for all you mobile gamers out there and you must make sure to get it ASAP from our website.

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