Download YouTube for PC: Official App for Windows & Mac

Download YouTube for PC for free! Run the YT app on your Windows and Mac devices.

In this smart generation, it is not an exaggeration that there are no strangers to YouTube. It is an online social media platform entertaining infants to older people. It took the second place that the world has been visiting after Google. YouTube is a completely video-based social networking website. It provides various information, job opportunities, knowledge sharing and also acts as a digital library for all. One can view the desired ones and also can create their channel, input their knowledge, and can earn from home. Let us explore more about YouTube, features of the downloading procedure, etc. 

YouTube was officially launched in 2005, on February 14th. It is an American social media platform. It was profoundly launched by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. YouTube has more than 1 billion users per month and also above 500 hours of content has been uploaded in a minute globally. Google has acquired it. In 16 years, it has upgraded a lot. It provides various services for its users. They are:

  • YouTube music
  • YouTube movies
  • YouTube community
  • YouTube kids
  • YouTube stories
  • YouTube shorts
  • YouTube TV

youtube app for windows and mac

Downloading YouTube for PC

Let us know how to download the YouTube app on PC. Unlike other popular apps, YouTube doesn’t have an official specific app for PC. But nothing to worry about as the downloading procedure is straightforward. Before going to download YouTube on PC, the system needs to access features like picture-in-picture video, creator studio, the amazing dark mode, etc. 

  • The downloading procedure is always followed by the installation of any app. Similarly, the YouTube app is to be installed on the PC. 
  • To install a YouTube app on PC, first, click on the official website of YouTube and then click on the install button which is located on the top right corner. 
  • After successful installation of youtube, let us start the downloading procedure. 
  • To download YouTube on PC, first, we need to download the emulator software. The emulator software might be either BlueStacks or Nox player, KO player, or any other reliable source.
  • After installing the emulator software, sign in to that software using the active Google account.
  • Then, open the Play store and search for the YouTube app.
  • Auto finds the YouTube app in the Play store, just click on the installation button.
  • It will take a few minutes based on the internet connection supported by the system. After successful installation, we can enjoy watching YouTube videos on our PC.

For the Mac computer, the installation and downloading procedure is mostly the same but needs a few changes. Once the YouTube app is available on PC, those videos can be controlled by the keyboard shortcuts also. It doesn’t mean all the actions can be controlled. A few basic actions while watching the YouTube videos can be controlled using the below keyboard shortcuts. 

  • Toggle play/pause – k
  • Rewind 10 seconds – j
  • Forward 10 seconds – l
  • Previous video – p
  • Next video   – n

Features of YouTube

YouTube is blended with a variety of features. It is a user-friendly video-sharing platform. It allows users to see, upload, like, share and comment on videos for free of cost. Let’s see some of the attractive features of YouTube. 

Technology: YouTube has been keeping on upgrading its technology and compatibility so that the users can install and use YouTube conveniently. For instance, in 2005 it started using VP9, later it has been updating the coding and decoding methods that require Adobe flash player, HTML, etc. Recently it has upgraded its technology to AV1. 

Uploading: The best and most interesting feature of YouTube is uploading videos. Anyone can upload his video with a maximum length of 15 minutes and with a size of 256 GB. Also can avail lengthy videos, live streaming, etc. It requires only an active and valid Gmail account to get registered with YouTube and upload video. Also, it has privacy and parental controls to set up for youngsters below 18 years of age. 

Quality check and Formatting: Initially YouTube allows its users to watch videos at 320×240 pixels. Later it was increased to 480×360 pixels in 2007. It gradually increased its quality and stood at 2160 pixels from 2016. Also, YouTube has specified some formats to maintain unity among all the videos. It also avoids confusion for viewers and creators as well. 

Streaming:  Streaming is another enhanced feature added from 2009. At that time it allowed live streaming to the specific users who had a minimum of a thousand subscribers. Then it is extended to 10,000 subscribers. Later it gradually decreased and provided the live streaming option for most of the verified users. All restrictions are only for safety and security. But the live streaming option is very beneficial to the users and can provide news and the speeches of legendaries without any delay. 

Commenting: the commenting feature was designed for the sake of viewers to express their opinions, to ask their queries, etc. YouTube initially allowed everyone to comment on the video. As much as the positivity was there, the negativity also spread in the same amount because of these comments. Some stupidity crowds were mentioning senseless negative comments which day motivates and discourages the YouTuber. Then Google decided to provide an option to the YouTuber itself that he can turn on or off the commenting section. Also, the user must have a verified Gmail account to put a comment under the video. 

Accessibility of content: all the YouTubers and the users can access the content from YouTube and Google can look after the safety and genuine information to spread over up to here its extent. Some falls and fraud information may lead to sentence prison and can take legal actions immediately. Google also takes care of avoiding duplicate content. To get a clear idea, no two videos are similar on youtube. Maybe the theme of the video will be the same but the content may vary slightly and a single video could not be posted on two different channels. 

Compatibility: YouTube has high compatibility. It has been installed in the laptop, PC, Macs, smartphones, etc on any latest gadget with sufficient network connection. But the installation procedures for each gadget may differ. After introducing YouTube on multiple platforms, it drastically developed and everyone can avail it with no compromise. 

Besides all these features of youtube, let’s have a glance at the basic functionalities of YouTube. 

  • We can search for any kind of video like rhymes, tutorials, fashion, cookery, courses, etc, whatnot. 
  • We can create our own YouTube channel personally. 
  • We can upload different types of videos as we wish. 
  • We can share our views by liking, commenting on the videos. 
  • We can also create certain playlists or desired group videos to play regularly. 
  • YouTube also provides a subscribe option to get notified when a new video is released. 
  • Also, it provides monetary benefits for the channels based on the count of subscribers, views, etc. 
  • It is also available in the premium version to get rid of interrupting advertisements. 
  • YouTube keeps on updating and enhancing its features for the sake of users. 

These are the basic functions provided by YouTube to its users. YouTube has opened the doors for everyone to learn, understand, and, exhibit their creativity, talent, etc. Many people can watch comedy shows, learn courses, listen to music, understand through visual education, learning courses, watching the news,s, etc, and many more.

Advantages of YouTube

Being the top social media video sharing platform, it possesses several advantages for various kinds of people. Let us have a quick look at them. 

  • Anyone can express their endless ideas, thoughts on the YouTube platform.
  • YouTube is one of the quick platforms that connect you globally.
  • One can develop their skill, status, brand image, etc several things.
  • Creating a personal YouTube channel and interacting with the rest of the world by sitting in the home can develop confidence, skills comfortably.
  • It provides an opportunity to showcase our balance to the entire world without disturbing our daily routines.
  • YouTube can turn a common man into a celebrity within a short span. 
  • YouTube provides flexibility, accessibility to publish your creativity, spontaneousness, etc without disturbing the comfort zone.
  • One can build more social networks, can contact different YouTubers, and can understand new things easily and practically.
  • YouTube is useful to people of all ages beginning with infants and no bar.
  • Students can understand their academic concepts visually and practically which can be remembered forever.
  • Several hidden talents were brought out with the help of YouTube.
  • All the services provided by YouTube were completely free. 

Disadvantages of YouTube

Like the other side of the coin, YouTube also poses some drawbacks. They are as listed below,

  • Starting a YouTube channel may require some basic technical knowledge and a bit of a time-consuming process. 
  • YouTube also fails in the concern of privacy. Anyone can view our content and may steal our ideas.
  •  One can become a public figure in less time due to youtube. It may not be desirable for everyone. 
  • Anthony’s YouTuber may not get success and is ready to face failure.
  • YouTubers are struggling to get more subscribers, more views like your monetary benefits with huge competition.
  • Also, the public makes us feel down with the negative comments on our videos. It is also referred to as cyberbullying.
  • Consistency of the Internet is a must. 
  • Every YouTuber may not get sufficient income through the channel. 

Parental tips to keep the children safe from inappropriate videos

In short, we can say that YouTube has both positive and negative impacts on an individual. It all depends on what we are taking from it. If it is children, parents need to take care of their kids from unnecessary inappropriate videos. Here are a few suggestions. 

  • All YouTubers need to manage privacy settings properly. If the video is fine and normal, then access needs to be given to the public. If it is useful for only adults then it should be mentioned in the Privacy section that only above 18 can view. 
  • Also, parents can use the parental controls of age restrictions on YouTube to protect their children from unnecessary videos. 
  • It is always advisable to keep the comment section disabled to avoid negativity from the public. It is up to the YouTuber according to his necessity. 
  • Do many people were not aware of this, YouTube is providing a safe mode option. If we enable the safe mode option, it prevents the abuse content from getting in. 

In this way, we can protect ourselves and our children from the negative impact of youtube. Everyone must learn to see the positive side of an application and make the best use of it to grow and develop. 

Conclusion: Download YouTube App for Windows & Mac

YouTube is an online video-sharing platform where the entire world enjoys watching, liking, and commenting on the videos for free of cost. As it keeps on upgrading the features and technology, many people can avoid those services and make use in their desired sectors. 

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