v380 pro for pc

V380 PRO for PC: Download and Install on Windows and Mac

V380 Pro for PC is a video monitoring application that controls the activities of IP cams. Utilizing this application, you can see live streaming of security cams that are installed at the home, office, or some other spot. It shows a Live HD review of the cam directly on smartphones with the assistance of internet connectivity. This application doesn’t support customary security cams. It just manages Wi-Fi cams.

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Starmaker for PC

Starmaker for PC: Install on Windows 7/8.1/10 and Mac

Learn how to Download Starmaker for PC and install it on Windows and Mac devices. With the development of the media and the mobile industry many apps have come out for the entertainment of users and Starmaker tops that list. Starmaker is an app for budding singers, established artists, and those who sing as a hobby. Anyone can use the Starmaker’s karaoke player to sing along with friends and family and brighten up any occasion. 

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PhonePe App Download for PC: Install on Windows 7/8.1/10

In this article, we will go through methods to install PhonePe for PC. A smart way to do all the monetary transactions being in your comfort zone easily with the PhonePe app. It can be treated as a digital wallet. The phone pay app is a medium to transfer the required amounts from your bank account to various accounts. Let us explore more about the PhonePe app, its features, and the downloading process, etc.

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download turbo vpn for pc windows mac

Turbo VPN for PC: Download and Install on Windows 7/8.1/10

Turbo VPN for PC is a proxy server for your Windows device to connect the websites, play games, stream videos from other countries or the ones that are banned in your region. This hub server is also used when you want to be anonymous while performing any of the transactions. This application provides several lists of proxy servers that have unlimited and high bandwidth. These proxy servers are very easy and simple to be connected.

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