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One of the fondest memories of childhood is playing video games using the old-time console games like SNES, Playstations, and Nintendos. Many are good, even by today’s standards. Though many have been released for PCs and mobiles, still many are available only on old consoles. Emulators enable you to play these old console games on your PC or mobile devices anytime. 3DS Emulators for PC are a great way to relive your childhood memories of playing on consoles. If you have played on the Nintendo 3DS gaming console, you know that its immense popularity was because it could show you stereoscopic 3D effects without you wearing a pair of 3D glasses. Another reason was that it supported any game made of 2Ds, which means it was backward compatible. The first Nintendo 3DS emulator for PC was developed in 2014 and released as Citra. The developers are still actively working on it, and it now supports most commercial games, save states, and even online play.

best 3ds emulators for pc

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Top 3DS Emulators for PC

When you search the internet for the best 3DS Emulators for PC, you will get thousands of results. Read further to get to know some of the 3DS Emulators for PC and their features to make an informed decision in selecting the 3DS Emulator appropriate for your PC.

1. Citra

Citra is one of the finest 3DS emulators for Windows 10 PC. It has carved a niche for itself with smooth gameplay, great resolution, and unique features. Many reasons have made Citra an obvious choice for many thousands of gamers worldwide. Its installation is simple and straightforward. You can play almost every Nintendo 3DS game in it with a higher resolution if you choose to. The graphic resolution can be adjusted to 4K if your device supports it. Citra has a simple and easy-to-use interface. The emulator is free and open-source, with its developers updating it regularly. Its cross-platform feature allows you to use even on MAC and Linux smoothly. You can tweak the controls of GUI and use joysticks to play your games. Split-screen gaming is another salient feature of this app. You need to ensure your PC has a 64-bit operating system and the CPU has four cores with a minimum of 8GB RAM.

2. RetroArch 3DS Emulator

RetroArch 3DS Emulator is a frontend for multiple simulators. This means it is not a standalone installation and eliminates the need to install different emulators for different games. This app is the right choice if you want to play GBA games and then switch to playing Nintendo 3DS games. Ideally, you will close the emulator for GBA games and then fire up another emulator for Nintendo games. With RetroArch 3DS Emulator installed, you need to switch between the emulators to play the game you have chosen. It supports a wide array of platforms like Windows laptops or PC, and you can use it on Mac or Linux. You can use it on Raspberry Pi, Apple TV, and a wide range of gaming consoles. The app has support for even older versions of Windows like Windows 95. The app has an excellent tutorial for installation and compilation. You can find a wide variety of features to customize your gameplay, including using a joystick to play your game. Like Citra, this application too is managed by an open-source community and needs a PC with a 64-bit operating system, Processor with four cores, and 16GB RAM for satisfactory performance.

3. iDEAS Emulator

iDEAS Emulator is one of the best 3DS Emulators for Windows laptops or PC. They exclusively work only on Windows. It is available for free download and allows you to use the emulator on multiple screens. Customization of the settings is pretty straightforward and has a smooth and clean interface. Even though there is no official website for this emulator, it is available for download from various forums. There are no system requirements specifications provided in the app. However, the minimum configuration of 3DS Emulators such as a 64-bit operating system, 8GB RAM, and Processors with four cores should work.

4. No$GBA 3DS Emulator

No$GBA was initially released for Game Boy Advance. Developers have been updating the app continuously, and it supports a lot of 3DS games. It is available for free download for Windows and does not support Linux or MAC platforms. It has multiplayer features and supports external game controllers.

5. Project64 Emulator

Project64 Emulator is a specialized 3DS Emulator for Windows 10 PC. It can run almost all 3DS ROMs. Its excellent graphics and audio quality are a few of the salient features. The app allows you to use a joystick to play your game. It supports zip files and can decompress zipped files. The app allows you to save your gameplay and load saved games. Though not specified by the application, system requirements needed by the installation of Windows 10 on your PC should suffice.

6. Duos Emulator

Duos Emulator is a simple 3DS emulator for the Windows platform on your laptop or PC. It is available for download for free. The app has a straightforward interface and supports a wide range of 3DS games with ease. The app does not support a multiplayer environment, and it works well in the system that can emulate N64.

7. NeonDS Emulator

NeonDS Emulator is the right choice if you are looking for a 3DS emulator on your 32 bit Windows operating system. The app supports almost all 3DS games along with commercial games. It has a simple and user-friendly interface and allows keyboard customizations. Even if there is no dual-core processor, the app can play 3DS games at 50-60 fps. Its excellent three dimensions display engine enables crisp graphics. It works on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, with Pentium 4 processor and 512MB to 1GB RAM.

8. R4 3DS Emulator

R4 3DS Emulator is the perfect emulator for playing Nintendo 3DS games on a PC. The app supports a wide range of games that mimic the console’s graphic system and process. Game developers benefit significantly from this emulator as it allows them to view the results of their work directly on the PC without switching the console. It is available only for the Windows platform and does not support Linux or MAC.

9. DeSmuME

DeSmuME is one of the very few emulators available for 32 bit operating systems. It can run a few commercially available games. It can function well with systems with lower specs. Developers are continuously working and updating new builds to deal with bugs in programs.

10. 3DMOO

3DMOO is one of the best 3DS emulators for PC. It works only on Windows and Linux platforms. This app is created by the company ICHFLY, which developed the GBA emulators for the NDS. It is not officially available but can be downloaded. Github has the source code files for this emulator, and it is an open-source program that functions only through the command line.

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  • Is Citra the best 3DS emulator for PC?

Citra is one of the best 3DS emulators for PC. You can also browse for other good 3DS emulators online and try them out.

  •  Are 3DS Emulators safe to install?

Most of the apps are open source. Hence, you can verify its source code for any virus or equip your PC with good antivirus software before installing the app. Most of the apps have developer support forums, where you can seek suggestions and help if needed.

  • Are downloading 3DS emulators illegal?

3DS emulators are available for free download in several forms, and there has been no precedent so far with any company going to court over downloading the emulators.

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