And so it begins! Nokia & Microsoft Windows Phone 7 team up to fight the big boys!

The interwebs are going crazy right now – and for good reason! Nokia and Microsoft have just announced that they will be forming a strategic alliance which will result in Nokia incorporating Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 operation system in all new Nokia high-end devices.

People keep asking me why this is such a big deal… so I’ll explain. Apple’s iPhone is quite clearly the undisputed king of the new smartphone era. Google’s Android devices are catching up fast… but they’ve taken a slightly different approach from Apple.

Apple designs and develops both the hardware and software for their one mobile phone offering – resulting in amazing integration into a single power device.

Google on the other hand – is playing the “Microsoft Windows” approach to the smartphone world – and just creating the software – Android, and asking tons of manufacturers to use it.

The result? Apple lovers all buy iPhones – and everyone else is left to choose between Android and a bunch of other sub-par smartphones (including Nokia’s current offerings). Obviously phone retailers have been convincing Apple-haters to choose Android devices because there hasn’t been any other reasonable competitor.

Unfortunately for Android – this game is over. Windows Phone 7 is an amazing operating system – no questions there. Nokia? An amazing hardware manufacturer. Combine them, and you potentially get an iPhone killer – or at the very least, a much sexier 2nd-option for iPhone-haters.

Let’s just think about what we’re dealing with here…
1) Microsoft, arguably the largest software company in the world, and
2) Nokia, arguably the king of mobile phones until 2 years ago, teaming up.

I don’t really know how this is going to pan out – but I sure as hell wanna find out! If anyone has a chance of fighting the spread of Android, and Apple’s leverage of building both hardware & software together… it’s these two giants.

Let the smartphone wars begin!

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