WP7 Woes: Where are my email toast notifications??

It bugged me on day one with my phone – and it’s still bugging me 2 months later. Why do I not get a fancy little dropdown or toast notification when I get a new email? WHY?

Windows Phone 7 toast notification

Okay, I admit – I was a little bit of a BlackBerry addict before I made the switch over to WP7. But seriously – does no one else think that email notifications are important? I already feel lost without my blinking red BlackBerry notification light… but not even getting a toast? eeep that’s annoying.

I really wonder how that board meeting played out when the developers and PMs were talking about notifications:

A: Hey guys, I got toast notifications working for text messages!

B: Nice – how about emails?

A: Nah, why would anyone want toasts for emails?

C: Yeah honestly – why would I want a toast for every build email I get every 2 minutes?


B: uh..

A: Sweet! Development of Toasts Complete: check.

[ end board meeting ]

Well, regardless what went down in that meeting – it never happened, and here I am, with probably a couple thousand other ex-BlackBerry users out there, utterly confused why Microsoft never implemented toast notifications for emails.

Even if you guys hate… at least let us have the option of enabling/disabling it. Please. Pretty, pretty please?

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