WP7 Tip: Pinning Office OneNote to start and syncing it with Skydrive to create a killer Notepad app!

Oddly enough – when I first got my Windows Phone 7  – I was mind boggled by the lack (or so I thought) of a simple notepad/tasks lists/todo list! Every other smartphone I’ve used came with some sort of notepad (BlackBerry – Tasks List, iPhone – Notepad) – but I couldn’t seem to find the equivalent on my Windows Phone 7. Regardless – it took me a month with the phone until I figured out where the Notepad app was.

The sad part? It was there right from the beginning! Feel free to blame yourself, or Microsoft – but I personally think that the lack of exposure to this hidden gem is on Microsoft’s end.

Anyway, here’s my tip for the day:

The ‘Notepad’ App.. sync’d to the cloud!

1) Open up the Office application.

2) Head to the OneNote page, create a new note, and enter “Notepad” (or whatever you want to call it) as the title.

3) Hit the back twice to get to the OneNote screen again.

4) Press and hold on the new note you created until a menu appears. Click on “pin to start”.

5) And there you have it – a Notepad app right on your start screen!

Now, if you want it to sync with Windows Live Skydrive as well, here’s how to do it:

6) Open up the Office application again.

7) Head to the OneNote pad, and click on “all”

8) You will get a prompt that says “Do you wish to sync with Skydrive?” Hit yes, and wait for it to sync.

9) Head over to http://skydrive.live.com and look for a new OneNote notebook called “Personal (Web).” If you open it up, you should find a Page called “Notepad” (or whatever you named it) in the notebook with the contents of entered on your phone!

And that’s it! Enjoy your new simple, efficient and synced notepad!

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