so umm, like, what’s a windows phone anyway?

Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock (which, sadly, happens to be the case for 95% of the population), you *might* have heard about a super cool new mobile operating system called Windows Phone 7!

Wait, what? Hasn’t Microsoft been in the mobile game for ages with that clunky old mammoth of an operating system called Windows Mobile? Why yes indeed, sir! Except… well, Microsoft felt the same way about Windows Mobile as you do – fat, clunky, and just downright un-sexy. Almost bordering the line of anti-sexy if you know what I mean. :)

So anyway, about a year ago (~Oct 2009), Microsoft decided to call it quits for the aging dinosaur known as Windows Mobile, and quite literally killed the Windows Mobile team (and I mean killed the “team” not the people within the team – duh!). But rest assured – they didn’t kill it for no reason… but rather to start fresh. Windows Mobile was an OS built before 2000! It was built in an age where broadband internet was novelty, and a “touch-interface” was crazy talk. Anyway – let’s just say it was for the best.

All was quiet until February 15, 2010 where the world was finally introduced to Windows Phone 7 Series. Our saviour – almost… we just hated the name. Thankfully Microsoft listened and canned “Series” a few days later.

But as sad as it was for the fathers and grandfathers of the world – the young generation cheered. We did cartwheels and backflips, and toasted to our mock-up videos of Windows Phone 7. We checked Engadget, BGR, and Gizmodo daily for every little squeak of a leak.

Until finally.. it arrived. Arrived in a form so young and naive. Innocent and fresh. A mere infant, about to be exposed to the tough world of smartphones and Apple fanboys.

But rest assured my friends – and welcome to My Windows Phone Story. A blog for one sole purpose – introducing you to my innocent little Windows Phone 7, as I introduce it to the year 2010: year of the smartphone wars.

I hope you enjoy your stay. :)

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