How to tether on your new Windows Phone 7! (For Samsung phones only)

Click here for the MAC Version of this guide.

If all this news about lack of tethering on your shiny new Windows Phone 7 made you sad – this post might make you really happy! Unfortunately, tethering is severely limited to only *one* Windows Phone 7 device right now – the Samsung Focus! So if you really wanted tethering, and somehow made the right choice and picked up a Samsung Focus – you’re in luck. Here is a step by step guide to set up tethering.

Step 1: Enable Diagnostic Menu and Switch USB Mode

First step is to activate the diagnostic menu.

a) Open up the phone keypad, and enter: ##634#

b) Hit Call. This will bring up the Diagnostic Menu.

c) Enter: *#7284# to open up the USB Mode Menu:

d) In the “Micro USB Test” menu, select the 2nd option: Modem, Tethered Call

e) It will ask you to reboot your phone. Hit OK/Confirm.

Step 2: Install Modem Drivers and Set Up Connection

a) Make sure you have the latest Zune software installed from here:

b) Download and install the Samsung Modem drivers from here:

c) Connect your Samsung Focus to your PC, then go to Control Panel, then Device Manager (or in the start menu search box type: “device manager”. Expand the “Modems” section and you should see a: “SAMSUNG Mobile Modem” if the drivers were installed properly.

d) Double click to open modem properties. Go to the Advanced tab, and in the Extra Initialization Commands, enter:
For AT&T users: AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”wap.cingular”
For Rogers users: +cgdcont=1,”IP”,””

d) Open up Control Panel and go to Network and Sharing Center. Select “Set up a new connection or network”.

e) Select “Set up a dial-up connection”. Then choose the SAMSUNG Mobile Modem.

f) The next settings depend on your wireless provider.

For AT&T, use the following settings:

Phone#: *99***1#
Password: CINGULAR1

For Rogers, use the following settings:

Phone#: *99***1#
User Name: wapuser1
Password: wap

g) Click Connect! If all is good, you should be able to start browsing the net! I’m on Rogers, and although it’s not exactly the fastest speeds in the world – it’s totally usable. Check out my speedtest:

Closing Notes:

  1. Unfortunately, if you’re in tethering mode – your phone *will not* be recognized in Zune. You need to switch back to Zune Sync mode. The good news, is that once you have enabled the Diagnostic menu, it is now treated like an “app.” So if you go to the apps screen, there should be an app called “Diagnosis” like below. Just enter *#7284# and switch back to Zune Sync mode.
  2. Tethering ALSO works on a mac. You can find that tutorial here.
  3. I will also put up a quick video tutorial soon as well.

source: [ MobilityDigest ] and [ lduveau ]

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