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Camera Tip: Taking better photos with your new Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia 900 Carl Zeiss Lens

As I’m sure many of you figured out in the last couple days… that fancy f2.2 camera on your brand spanking new Nokia Lumia 900 seems to take some awfully disappointing photos – particularly in low-light situations. Maybe you’ve even started to wonder who this Mr. Carl Zeiss is and whether he even had anything to do with this camera. Anyway – the good news is that most of the issues seem to be software-based, and […]


35 Things I Love About My Windows Phone 7

UPDATE: Before you read either my love or hate list for WP7 – you might want to check out my updated hate list with WP7 Mango fixes! As promised in my hate post right before this one – there’s a lot to love about Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7. And to prove my point, I’ve come up with nothing short of 35 little things to love about Windows Phone 7! So let’s get started… It’s […]


WP7 Tip: Pinning Office OneNote to start and syncing it with Skydrive to create a killer Notepad app!

Oddly enough – when I first got my Windows Phone 7  – I was mind boggled by the lack (or so I thought) of a simple notepad/tasks lists/todo list! Every other smartphone I’ve used came with some sort of notepad (BlackBerry – Tasks List, iPhone – Notepad) – but I couldn’t seem to find the equivalent on my Windows Phone 7. Regardless – it took me a month with the phone until I figured out […]