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Got an idea for a new feature? Suggest it & vote on other new features for Windows Phone 8!

Suggest & Vote on new Windows Phone Features

Do you have the next best idea for Windows Phone 8? Then what are you waiting for!? Share it! And no, I don’t mean you should waste your energy sharing it in the middle of 1500 comments (or 200 or so) on an Engadget review of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. No, no, no. That’s a terrible idea. Even if the Windows Phone team at Microsoft actually read all the comments on every Mango review (which, to […]


35 Things I Love About My Windows Phone 7

UPDATE: Before you read either my love or hate list for WP7 – you might want to check out my updated hate list with WP7 Mango fixes! As promised in my hate post right before this one – there’s a lot to love about Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7. And to prove my point, I’ve come up with nothing short of 35 little things to love about Windows Phone 7! So let’s get started… It’s […]