Firstly, hello! and thank you for visiting this little Windows Phone 7 blog! I really hope that at the very least, this blog has given you a slightly more in-depth look at Microsoft’s intriguing new mobile phone operating system – Windows Phone 7.

This site was created purely for fun, and 100% in my spare time simply as an outlet to talk about Windows Phone 7 since all my friends got sick of me blabbing on about it all day. :) I also created this blog because I couldn’t find many interesting & useful resources out there for Windows Phone 7 users – and I figured a slightly less formal approach to showing off a WP7 wouldn’t hurt. The goal behind My Windows Phone Story was to create a site with editorials, reviews and tutorials for WP7 users, without getting bogged down trying to compete with WP7 new sites.

If you have any comments at all – please drop me a line at comments@mywpstory.com.