Quick Tip: Pandora now works on Windows Phone 7 Mango!

No, Pandora hasn’t created a Windows Phone 7 app – at least not yet. And yes, every night I pray with the rest of you, hoping that they change their mind – but until then, we *finally* have a solution to Pandora on WP7!!

Pandora on Windows Phone 7 Mango IE9 browser

Avid listeners probably already know that Pandora has recently updated their website to support HTML5. This brilliant decision to transform their site to use the newest media standards has really helped out WP7 users who are just starting to explore the power of the all new Internet Explorer 9 in Mango. Since the new IE9 browser supports playing media directly from web sites, playing music directly from the Pandora website works as well!

Simply open up Internet Explorer and head to: http://pandora.com. Type in an artist, and let the music play!

If you tap the volume button on your phone, there’s an option to play/pause the current song – but unfortunately skipping tracks must be done using the buttons on the website itself.

Pandora Volume options to Play and Pause

I totally didn’t know about it until a friend tipped me off – so I might as well spread the word. Pandora. Boo yeah.

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  • Lance Secretan

    Thanks for sharing this – awesome

  • Archimagus

    Great news.  Although, it is REALLY quite on my samsung focus.  even with the volume at max in both the phone and the player.

    • Spencer

      My Focus is doing the same.  After a minute or two it sounds great but then back to barely audible.  How can I tell what version of IE I have?

  • jg63

    This works to a degree, but through headphones I found the volume to be way too low.  C’mon someone smarter than me, build an app.

  • Jaydd73

    For some reason my max volume when using pandora through IE9 is equivalent to about 5/30 using Zune.

  • Franklin Smathers

    Check out Metro Radio app. It’s free and it ties into your Pandora account. Works pretty good.

    • Rgilbert10

      Yes! I have been crying over not having pandora on my Windows phone and Metro Radio is working great! The pandora website volume was almost silent and the controls didnt work well. This app runs seamlessly in the background and has more features than I expected. Thanks!

  • Someguy

    Metro Radio App! Thank you! It works really well. 

  • just use metro radio :) 

  • Metro Radio or WPFandango App are much better Pandora players.

  • Marbing

    Unfortunately, for non-USA users, Pandora is not available over IE.


    The more companies (PANDORA) try to tighten their grip the more they lose Radio Control works perfectly

  • Low volume on Focus S as well. Does volume work right on any other phone?