Quick Tip: View the iPhone/Android optimized Gmail mobile site on your Windows Phone 7!!

FINALLY! Man, this was a big one for me and many others I know that rely on Gmail’s mobile website to quickly check or search for super old emails and perform Gmail-specific functions such as “Mark as Unread”, “Star”, “Report Spam”, and so on.

NOTE: I’m using a WP7 device running Mango and with the latest IE9 mobile – so I don’t know if this will work for those without Mango. If anyone can try and let me know in the comments below, I’d really appreciate it!

If you boot up your Windows Phone 7 browser and go to:

You will automatically get redirected to a site that looks like this:

Gmail WAP Mobile Site

Yuck. Instead, type (or copy/paste) this link in your browser:

And feast your eyes on a mobile Gmail site that actually looks pretty good:

Gmail iPhone/Android Optimized Mobile Site

Mind you, it’s not quite is powerful or sexy as the real iPhone or Android mobile sites – but it’s certainly a step up from the basic WAP site, and definitely far more usable! I would recommend bookmarking this link to quickly get to the fancy gmail site quickly (and maybe even pinning to start!)

Lastly, thank you Google for caring just a bit about us WP7 users. =) Also, if you didn’t already know – there’s a special link for iPhone/Android-style Google Reader site as well described here.

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