Sending text messages with only your voice: Awesome new WP7 Mango feature

After a full week of playing with the all new Mango beta for Windows Phone 7, there has been one standout feature that I use almost every single day: Voice/Speech Dictation. This feature is absolutely amazing for many of us that use a bluetooth headset/stereo deck while we drive to and from work/school/etc every single day.

Essentially, voice dictation allows me to listen to incoming text messages while I drive, reply to them, and even create new text messages from scratch – all of this using *only* my voice. I figured the easiest way to explain this was to create a video, so here it is:

If you’re student with a Windows Phone 7 device and you don’t have Mango yet – you need to read this tutorial now! If you’re not a student, you can still get Mango using an alternative method found here.

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About the Author: ShiftF

I'm a recent senior computer engineering grad from the University of British Columbia. I'm also a bit of a phone addict - as I currently switch between a BlackBerry, a few iPhones and a few Windows Phones (Samsung Focus, HTC Titan, Lumia 900). I'm now work as a software developer full-time.

  • Ivan

    Does this only work with Bluetooth headsets? I’ve been trying to get it to work with my regular headset and just the voice option {ie, no headset} and it keeps saying the service is not available

  • Tran Thao

    Hey I want to know how to send a mms message via winphone mango. I own a samsung focus as same as u. But i dont use at&t network. If you had had once topic about this problem, plz send me the link. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    I find the wp7 mango voice dictation feature absoutly infuriating.
    If I say more than 5 words, 100% chance it gets it wrong.
    even if I only use 2 or so words, it usually screws it up.

    for example, the other day I said “Wan’t me to pick up oil first?”
    i must have tried 15 times or more times in a variety of volumes and articulations… and the closest it ever got was “want me to pick up?”
    the worst it did was “wan’t first?”

    when i said “get oil?” a few times, all it ever responded was “sorry, I didn’t catch that”

    you don’t even want to know how wrong it got “I’m almost there, want me to pick up oil first?” which is what I initially tried.

    not only does it ususally get it wrong, it ususally gets it SO wrong that if I sent it, it’d just confuse the reciepent.

    Its not like I have an unexpected thick accent that MS couldn’t account for. I’m from canada, but the accent is a pretty similar to generic american accent, and canada is one of the voice supported countries.

    i love wp7, but the voice dictation useless. I keep trying to use it because I can’t text while I’m driving… but all it does is piss me off and I end up having to call them.

    • stoych

      aye mang!  20 years ago this shit was unheard of YO!!! 

      • WowdaMelm

        mayme-bee mo liken tin yurs my naggles!!
        Dis shit be some dat new shit!!!

  • Paul Benjamin

    Check out the new WP7 app called “Voice Share” it lets you send personalized voice messages to contacts via SMS and facebook.