Quick Tip: How to create a combined, unified email inbox on Windows Phone 7 Mango

Combined Inbox in WP7 Mango

Firstly, this mini tutorial will only work if you have a Windows Phone 7 device running the latest beta of Mango. If you aren’t running Mango yet, you might want to check out this tutorial if you’re a student, or this other tutorial for non-students on how to get your WP7 updated to Mango! If you’d rather not update just yet – feel free to read on and learn about one of the cool new features coming in Mango this fall!

Anyway, I decided to make this quick tutorial because almost half the WP7 users I’ve talked to had no idea this feature even existed! And at least half of those people would have actually liked this hidden gem of a feature. BlackBerry smartphones have had this feature forever, while iDevices got in iOS 4 and Android got it in some version of 2.0. Good news for WP7 users – it’s coming in Mango.

If you don’t know what a combined inbox is – essentially it creates one “super-inbox” tile on your start screen that contains emails from all the email accounts you wish. In other words, if you have 3 different email accounts hooked up to your device (ex. Gmail, Hotmail, Work Exchange email), and you’d like to see all the latest emails together in one screen – then this tutorial will show you how to combine all those inboxes into one! Also important – if you only want to group some of your email accounts – you can do that as well as it’s totally up to you how many accounts you link.

Either way, it’s super easy to do – so here we go:

  1. Open the inbox of any email account you have set up on your WP7 already.
  2. Click the 3 dots to open the bottom menu. Then click on “Link Inboxes”
    Link Email Inbox in WP7 Mango
  3. Choose which inbox you’d like to link together. Simply click on the inbox again to unlink it if you make a mistake.
  4. Rename linked inbox if you wish… then hit back and enjoy your new combined email inbox!
    Rename Linked Inboxes in WP7 Mango

Anddddddd that’s it! If you’d like to unlink inboxes – simply repeat the steps and choose to unlink in step 3 instead.

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  • Joe

    On a slightly different note if you don’t mind me asking …..

    I have setup on my WP7 Mango phone (new Nokia Lumia 800 not that it matters) two exchange mailbox’s one connected to my work exchange server and one to my private exchange server. I have two tiles for this on my home screen is my preference to have them separate not combined … all good so far. Now for my question / annoyance how ever small … The tiles are labels Outlook and Outlook 2 argggg is there any way I can rename the tiles ? I have looked everywhere but cannot find answer – essentially I would like to rename the tiles work and home or work and private. “Outlook 2” why ? I hate this so much I might send my phone back and switch back to my iPhone (I know it’s a mall thing but cannot stand it). Any help would be much appreciated !

    • Gnz

      Joe,  just go to Settings -> email+accounts
      Click on the account you want to rename, and at the very top, the first box, you can edit the name. This is also the name that is showed on the tile…

  • Pnprasanth

    Thanks for this info…. did not know about this!!

  • quite useful, thanks a lot!

  • mrcolby

    Very cool – just like my old Blackberry!

  • Rosemary Tiney

    I have been given a work phone to replace one which isn’t working properly, Motorola lux.
    I put my sim card in and have got the previous persons emails combined with my own!
    This is rather worrying! I thought once you took your sim card out your phone wan’t able to access your email account….so make sure you take an old phone ff combined.

  • Is there any way to create separate emails like one for my Hotmail and another for my company email?