NEW Tutorial to install Mango on any Windows Phone

If you guys read the previous post, then you’ll know we have one method of installing Mango; and that is if you have an unlocked device. Fortunately, the folks at WindowsPhoneHacker have figured out a way to get the Mango update on any Windows Phone without having a developer unlocked device. Be warned though, as doing this will void your warranty. The tool also offers a way to backup your phone, and I highly recommend doing this if you choose to go down this path.

Please note that the following tool has a disclaimer, that I will voice for as well. “Please note we are not responsible for any damage caused to your device, in trouble in get into, etc. Do it at your own risk. ”, but if you still want to then check out the details below.

Note: All download links will not be provided, please refer to the source link at the bottom for all the download links as we take no credit for them.


  • A Windows Phone running NoDo or higher.
  • Windows Phone 7 Support Tools. Get the x64 or x86 version, depending on what you are running.
  • Download the update tool from WindowsPhoneHacker. ( link at bottom)
  • Connect your phone to your computer.
  • Make sure you have enough disk space as the update tool will be downloading all the necessary files for Zune to update your phone ( leave atleast 8GB ).

Now perform the following steps

  1. Make sure Zune is closed and extract the updating tool you’ve just downloaded to the C drive’s root directory (C:\) and run it as an administrator (right-click on Update.bat and select “Run as administrator).
  2. Zune should launch automatically after installation. Now check for updates on your phone through Zune; the program should find the “Windows Phone 7 build 7401″ update;  install it. Once it’s done, check again, and Zune should find the “Windows Phone 7 Mango build 7661″ update; install it. (The second update will give you all the current Mango features)
  3. Once you have Mango on your phone Zune will not be able to locate your phone or access it with a USB connection. You will need to download the beta version of Zune ( link at bottom ) and install it.
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