35 Things I Love About My Windows Phone 7

UPDATE: Before you read either my love or hate list for WP7 – you might want to check out my updated hate list with WP7 Mango fixes!

As promised in my hate post right before this one – there’s a lot to love about Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7. And to prove my point, I’ve come up with nothing short of 35 little things to love about Windows Phone 7! So let’s get started…

  1. It’s boots up in < 30 seconds. (My iPhone takes about a minute, and my BlackBerry takes anywhere from 2->6mins)
  2. I don’t need to pull out the battery once every few days (BlackBerry boys, you know what I’m talking about).
  3. The operating system is super fast & responsive. Arguable the most responsive smartphone OS out right now.
  4. I can launch the camera app with one button and without unlocking my phone.
  5. I can see my friend’s Facebook updates right from their contact card (without sifting through multiple apps).
  6. I can quickly & easily select multiple email messages to move or delete at once.
  7. It automatically merges my Google and Facebook contacts! In other words if I have a Google contact with an email/phone/address – it will merge the data my same friend on Facebook with his birthday/significant other/Facebook updates & more.  (you need to see this to appreciate it).
  8. WP7 Marketplace is growing at a ridiculous fast pace. It go to 10,000 apps faster than Android & iPhone. It even has more “real” apps than BlackBerry App World.
  9. It could MMS on day one. (oh. snap.)
  10. Voice-activated local map search in Bing Maps actually works & gives me location + phone + reviews instantly.
  11. Lack of fragmentation means I’ll get my update pending carriers… not OEM manufacturers.
  12. Xbox Live achievements are addictive.
  13. Microsoft has committed a ridiculous amount of money and support to making sure WP7 makes it past Hello World and into the hands of as many new customers as possible and for many years to come. This means devs feel committed to the platform, and updates will keep coming – unlike.. Palm for example. :)
  14. Seamless integration between Xbox Live account on console and WP7 is superb (your stats transfer over when you have the same game on both!).
  15. Update your Xbox Live avatar right from your phone!
  16. Zune Pass!
  17. Microsoft Office suite right on your phone. And it actually works.
  18. A lock screen with useful data (next calendar entry ftw).
  19. Microsoft OneNote synced to skydrive. Access your notes from anywhere.
  20. You don’t need to install iTunes.
  21. Upload your new photo directly to Skydrive or Facebook with one click.
  22. Non-intrusive, non-modal notifications for SMS/Apps/Wifi/etc.
  23. Dedicated BACK button. Wow, when I had my iPhone I didn’t think much about it – but it is actually really useful. Ex. Say you’re in an email and there’s a link to a website. If you click the link on the iPhone, you hit the home button, and then open the email app again and find your message. On WP7 – you just hit back and you’re right back into the email.
  24. Live tiles work! Seeing the # of unread emails/messages and the current temperature without having to open the app is actually useful.
  25. Wireless Sync for your music, videos, photos, etc. Just plug your phone in to charge for the night and the syncing happens automatically.
  26. Expandable micro SD card slot. Yes, it’s a little finicky for some users right now – but the option for expandable/removable memory puts it above the iPhone no matter what way you look at it.
  27. Many form factors. This is a plus for Android as well – but having many devices to choose from is always nice.
  28. Dedicated search button. So useful when you’re in the email or contacts page and you want to quickly search something.
  29. Zooming & Panning quickly in the browser doesn’t lag (Yeah, I’m looking at your BlackBerry & Android).
  30. I can pin my best friends to my start screen and see their Facebook updates instantly!
  31. It hides the unnecessary status icons at the top to give me larger viewing area for my application.
  32. The virtual keyboard is a joy to type on and arguably the best default virtual keyboard on a smartphone today (I hear you, swype fans).
  33. The ‘Unread Email’ view is so useful. I don’t understand why other smartphones don’t have this option as accessible.
  34. It seamlessly pulls Facebook profile pictures into my address book. Gone are the days of snapping a photo of each friend for your phone.
  35. And lastly, I love the sleek, minimal, clean METRO user interface that will undoubtedly be remembered long after, and inspire new interfaces of the future.


And there you have it! My short list of just 35 things to love about Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7! I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface of some of the many subtle little features that people enjoy – but hopefully this list will help give outsiders a little more insight on why we love our WP7, and help insiders appreciate their new WP7 a little more. Disagree? Let me know in the comments!

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