WP7 Woes: Where are my email toast notifications??

It bugged me on day one with my phone – and it’s still bugging me 2 months later. Why do I not get a fancy little dropdown or toast notification when I get a new email? WHY?

Windows Phone 7 toast notification

Okay, I admit – I was a little bit of a BlackBerry addict before I made the switch over to WP7. But seriously – does no one else think that email notifications are important? I already feel lost without my blinking red BlackBerry notification light… but not even getting a toast? eeep that’s annoying.

I really wonder how that board meeting played out when the developers and PMs were talking about notifications:

A: Hey guys, I got toast notifications working for text messages!

B: Nice – how about emails?

A: Nah, why would anyone want toasts for emails?

C: Yeah honestly – why would I want a toast for every build email I get every 2 minutes?


B: uh..

A: Sweet! Development of Toasts Complete: check.

[ end board meeting ]

Well, regardless what went down in that meeting – it never happened, and here I am, with probably a couple thousand other ex-BlackBerry users out there, utterly confused why Microsoft never implemented toast notifications for emails.

Even if you guys hate… at least let us have the option of enabling/disabling it. Please. Pretty, pretty please?

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About the Author: ShiftF

I'm a recent senior computer engineering grad from the University of British Columbia. I'm also a bit of a phone addict - as I currently switch between a BlackBerry, a few iPhones and a few Windows Phones (Samsung Focus, HTC Titan, Lumia 900). I'm now work as a software developer full-time.

  • Andyc

    I totally agree. The notifications system in wp7 is half baked at best. I literally have to have my iPhone side-by-side to know what emails I’m getting and if I should bother reading them or they can wait (by being able to see who they are from and partial content without having to touch the phone).

    I want to like wp7 but there are so many missing features or features that aren’t quite there yet. Facebook integration is found wanting IMO. I can’t see most of my friends status updates through the People Hub and have to use the Facebook app or my iPhone.

    Do you also find that the email tile email count zeros after opening the mailbox even though you haven’t read any of the emails? I like to know at a glance how many unread emails remain and this “feature” irks me.

  • Genghis7777

    I noticed you haven’t posted in awhile. It would be nice to read an update of your story.