why windows phone 7?

To be honest – I don’t really know yet! After using this device for 3 weeks – I’d say there’s been a good share of ups and downs – but definitely more ups than downs! And although people may, uh, will argue with me – I personally don’t think the downs are nearly big enough to be dealbreakers for me.

So over the next few posts, I may delve into a few of these topics below a bit more – but I really wanted to get a running list of some higher level ideas that I’ve been thinking about. Anyway, I’m still very much in the exploration stage, but here are some my thoughts from round 1!

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Windows Phone 7 makes me <insert Lonely Island song name here> because…
1) (almost) everything is just melt-in-your-mouth BUTTERY smooth. It’s too hard to explain how sexy this is. I will put a video up really soon to show you what I mean. Blackberry and Android touchscreen users are missing out. iPhone users – I’d say WP7 is about even on the smooth scale. Maybe just a nibble higher.

2) the PEOPLE hub. Again, this is hard to explain in words – but everything just *works*. The level of integration between my Google contacts and Facebook friends is mindblowing! The phone detects when the contact is the same… and merges their data. Swipe left to see their latest Facebook updates and make a comment right there! Facebook contact photos sync up to your phone – so no more asking to take a picture of all your friends! It all just makes sense. No other device has this type of integration built it.. although I know iPhone users are gonna link me to “an app for that.” Anyway, lookout for a post and video dedicated to this in the very near future.

3) 4” Super AMOLED display (Samsung Focus only). Dayyymnn, this thing is just slick! Viewing angle is quite nearly 180*. The blacks are so black they blend into the bezel and top/bottom part of screen. Everyone always talks about how amazing some screen types are – and I never really understood what they were talking about. Now that I’ve sat my iPhone and Focus beside each other… let me tell you – this screen orgasm talk is for real! Yes, images feel slightly saturated – but when you see one of these screens in person, you really realize what you’ve been missing out on.

Honestly, I’ve got a lot more to talk about – but I ramble a little too much – so I’ll save them for another post.

Things I really miss…
1) my blinking red notification light! (berry users, you know what I’m talking about… that light is addictive!)
2) mapping with a compass (i almost forgot what it’s like to read street signs and figure out which direction I’m heading…)
3) HQ youtube vids. WTF, where is my high quality Youtube.
4) Messenger. WTFx2, where is Windows Live Messenger?!?! I thought this device was tightly coupled with Windows Live… and yet, no chatting applications are out. Not even Google Talk.
5) tethering. I didn’t realize how much fail the free wifi @ Blenz (Canadian coffee shop) is until I actually used it. :(

And really, that’s about it. Multitasking? meh. Copy/paste? meh. People always go crazy about the little useless things. But when you use a phone for real, daily tasks – those things hardly ever matter.

Anyway, I think that’s enough for a part 3. My WP Story will continue tomorrow! -F7

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